Why Me?

When you need to buy (and pay for) legal services, you want them to be high quality and delivered on a timely basis by someone who has your best interests in mind. You expect experience, practical advice, professional integrity, and fees that are leveraged against profit and productivity.

I know. I've not only delivered legal services in the past, I've paid for them.

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My experience can help you. I've negotiated big deals and small deals, local contracts and international contracts. I've drafted secrecy agreements and multi-million dollar purchase agreements. I've dealt with partners and adversaries in Europe and Asia, as well as all over the United States and Canada, and negotiated with government officials at all levels, including the SEC, the FDA and a variety of insurance regulators. I've had budgetary and operational responsibility for business units of the companies I've worked for and dealt with all of the related issues that come with having employees.

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All of my 25+ years of experience and knowledge are available to you through Gille Law PLLC . . . at your service.

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