How I Work

My overhead is low — one husband, two dogs, a great townhouse and a reasonable wine cellar. My fully-equipped, state-of-the-art office is in my home (photo). As a result, my fees are reasonable too. I will get up to speed quickly on your business and efficiently help you to interpret and apply the laws that impact your decisions and vision.

I'm a good listener. I get to know my clients and serve their interests as I would my own. I am available to my clients because of a mutually beneficial relationship: I select them as much as they choose to work with me. Some days I work out of my office and sometimes I work out of my client's office, depending on what works best for my clients. Either way, I'm on the team and ready to be — at your service.

When a legal specialist is needed, good friends and colleagues around the country provide me (and my clients) with access to specific services related to specific needs, whether technical or general in nature, at affordable prices and framed by me to keep my client's legal costs as reasonable as possible. I want to contribute to my client's success, by giving the best advice and assistance for the lowest cost possible.

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